There are to ways of placing an order: 

            .- Traditional order: The only type of order until the 1st of July 2002.
            .- Online order: It is a new service that will be run in parallel with the Traditional Order.

If you click on the buttons of the different orders, you will see the differences between them.

From the 1st of July 2002 both kind of orders are subjected to the only Tariff Catalogue of application. This catalogue, which is included in our web, has its origin in the last valid Tariff Catalogue together with the modifications included in the section News, and will be constantly updated in the Date of last update.

If you are a credit customer, we will send you the
via mail, once the service has been inaugurated.

The General Sale Conditions are the same as in the Traditional order, except for the points 1 Orders.- as it is only possible via e-mail - and 8 Return of goods.- the authorisation of the return has to be given via e-mail. Moreover, the differential characteristics have to be taken into account.

Before placing the order, look carefully at our products in the section TARIFF CATALOGUE, in order to be sure of the references, features, measures, etc. as well as of the desired product.

In order to simplify the search, we have introduced 4 search engines:

a) By cross piece measure, approximate to one of the three dimensions of the cross piece D, L, o L1

b) By brands, indicating the different cross pieces that assemble each brand in each model. 

c) By models of each brand.

d) By original reference of the brand.

The results that you can obtain in each search will show: our reference, figure, measures, type, series, description, brand and original reference.

If you use the cross piece search engine and want to see the other components of your drive shaft with the corresponding references, measures, observations, prices, you only have to click on the reference of your cross piece.