The factory has an area of 3.500 m2., where the following departments can be found:


* Factory:

We are provided with the most modern means required for manufacturing our products as: machining centres, numeric controlled lathes, broaching machines with a capacity of 30 Tm, internal and external grinding machines, electronic balancing machines for dynamic and static balancing and all the necessary auxiliary means that guarantee a high quality result of the product.

     All this allows us to supply cardan shafts and components to:

.- Manufacturers of industrial vehicles.

Export to different countries.

.- Replacement Shops, etc...

       As well as:

.- Repair of prop shafts.

.- Manufacture special pieces (not included in our Tariff Catalogue.


Articardan, S.A. is a manufacturer of cardan shafts and components. The own production has allowed us to design our products adapting them completely for the leading brands of the industrial vehicles: IVECO, MAN, DAF, MERCEDES BENZ, NISSAN, FORD, SCANIA, RENAULT V.I., VOLVO, etc... as well as for jeeps and rear wheel drive vehicles: SUZUKI, TOYOTA, LAND ROVER, JEEP, OPEL, SSANG YOUNG, MITSUBISHI, DAIHATSU, TATA TELCO, LADA, SEAT, FIAT, BMW, MERCEDES BENZ, etc...allowing us to undertake any kind of manufacture.


* Engineering:

We have an Engineering Department at our disposal, where new products as well as applications are studied, projected and designed. Our engineers always collaborate with the customers to obtain the most optimal transmission.

* Quality:

Our factory is also provided with a Quality Department that checks the composition of the materials and technical features, from the row material to the finished product..

In the present we are in the certification process  to the quality system ISO 9002.


* Sales and Official Service 

Next to our factory in the Polígono Industrial Valdonaire - C/ Andrés Álvarez Caballero, 9 bis de Humanes de Madrid (Madrid), we have an Official Service, which is specialised in the construction and balancing of cardan shafts as well as in the reparation and sales of the respective components.

In the centre of Madrid there are two more Official Services:

a) HEADQUARTERS: C/ Isabelita Usera, 3.

b) Collaborating center: C/ Pilarica 9 y 13.



TELPHONE AND FAX: 91 609 87 91
CONTACT PERSON: Francisco Amador (Chief Engineer)