The Tariff Catalogues which Articardan S.A has published and later sent to its customers, did not allow us to show in real time the new products as well as their technical characteristics, measures, erratas, price variations, etc.

That is why we have decided to publish a virtual and dynamic catalogue, whose components will be updated permanently. It is called Online Tariff Catalogue.  

Your Tariff will be the only one to be applied to all kind of orders from the 1st of July 2002. The last revision of the Tariff Catalogue can be identified through the date of the last update. All changes are displayed in the section NEWS,
and they are also incorporated in the Online Tariff Catalogue.

There are to ways of download the Online Tariff Catalogue:

1).- Complete: 

You will find an index to move directly to the required page.

If you click on the reference of the cross piece in the section Cross piece per Measure, you will be linked to the matching Series of your cross piece, where all the elements of the drive shaft are shown with references, measures, observations and prices. 

2).- Partial: 

You can execute the download by:

a) Vehicle brand (by articles included in our Online Tariff Catalogue, for example: NISSAN.
or by all the cross pieces used by a brand, with its reference and ours, for example: EQUIVALENCES NISSAN) 
b) Adaptable series Spicer, GWB, Compact, Mercedes 
c) Cross pieces per measure 
d) Tubes for drive shafts
e) Joints Mechanics Typ C 
f) Double joint 
g) Rocking knots/Joints for polisher 
h) Identification of cross piece by measure

All the information is updated and in pdf format (Adobe Acrobat).

There are two ways of searching a product and the respective features:

1.- If you know our reference enter directly in our Online Tariff Catalogue
and use the index for more help.

2.- If you do not know our reference use the SEARCH ENGINE FOR CROSS PIECES AND THE COMPONENTS OF YOUR DRIVESHAFT, using one of the four possibilities:  

a) By the approximate measure of the cross piece or by one of the three dimensions of the cross piece D, L, or L1

b) By brands, indicating the different cross pieces used in each model of each brand.

c) By models of each brand.

d) By original reference of the brand.

The results that you can obtain in each search will show: our reference, figure, measures, type, series, description, brand and original reference.

If you use the cross piece search engine and want to see the other components of your driveshaft with the corresponding references, measures, observations, prices, you only have to click on the reference of your cross piece.


(In order to enter in the wanted option, just click on it)